Setouchi Information Center

About Setouchi Information Center

Setouchi Information Center provides tourist information for international visitors to Hiroshima by bilingual staff who are always available. In addition to providing information on Hiroshima Prefecture, the center also 1) offers pamphlets in international languages for the seven prefectures of the Setouchi region (Hyogo, Okayama, Hiroshima, Yamaguchi, Tokushima, Kagawa, and Ehime Prefectures); 2) exhibit craft items, novelty goods, and souvenirs from each area of the Setouchi region; and 3) broadcast images and media of the Setouchi region.

As the information center is located downtown, we believe that we can reach a significant number of visitors, including those wishing to exchange money. We would like to be known as the place where a substantial and rich amount of tourist information may be obtained; to that end, we cooperate with the seven prefectures of the Setouchi area as well as regional business people and other significant persons.

By having overseas visitors take tourist information directly and see information for themselves, they are more likely to realize the charms of the Setouchi region; our aim is to extend the length of visitors’ stays, increase the numbers of overnight stays in the region, and promote re-visits by providing information that makes international visitors want to further explore Hiroshima City as well as the entire the Setouchi region.

The Setouchi Brand Corporation, Inc. established by the Setouchi DMO operates the “Setouchi Information Center @ HIROSHIMA BANK”, a tourist information center for international visitors that is located on the first floor of the Hatchobori Branch of Hiroshima Bank Ltd.

In the future also, Hiroshima Bank Ltd, Setouchi Brand Corporation Inc., and Setouchi Tourism Authority will continue to work to tourism-related businesses to promote regional development within the Setouchi region.






 せとうちDMOを構成する株式会社瀬戸内ブランドコーポレーションが、、株式会社広島銀行八丁堀支店1階に開設する訪日外国人向け観光案内所「Setouchi Information Center @ HIROSHIMA BANK」の運営を2017年12月18日より行っています。



Outline of the Tourist Information Center

 1.Name                           Setouchi Information Center @ HIROSHIMA BANK

 2. Address                        Hiroshima-shi, Naka-ku, Hatchobori 16-11 Startram Hiroshima 1F,

located inside the Hiroshima Bank, Hatchobori Branch (next to the Currency Exchange)

 3.Phone                          082-211-5158

 4.Business Hours            Monday~Friday  10:00~17:00(closed Saturday, Sunday, national holidays, December 31~January 3)



  • 名称                            Setouchi Information Center @ HIROSHIMA BANK

  • 住所                            広島市中区八丁堀16-11スタートラム広島1F 


  • 電話                            082-211-5158

  • 営業時間                     月曜日~金曜日の10:00~17:00


After closing hours for Setouchi Information Center.

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